Alarm System Installations

Canconnect is an authorized installation company in Guanacaste Costa Rica for the complete line of Paradox alarm security equipment.

Paradox has a range of intrusion detection systems, each one designed with a specific function in mind.

The range of Paradox products is constantly expanding and evolving to meet the needs of their customers.

Paradox Alarm Systems allow you to protect your entire home whether you are moving around it, or away from home. The Stay-D feature in Paradox systems allows you to fully arm the whole home or office security system when you are out or use the Stay mode to activate a perimeter system allowing you to move freely within. For people that may be home alone often this is a great feature providing an extra level of protection knowing the system is on by default.

Canconnect carries both the Magellan and Spectra product lines from Paradox. Both systems can use wired or wireless sensors and are expandable.

Magellan Home Security System

Magellan consoles are able to support 32 security devices out of the box, and using wireless devices make the system easier to install.

Spectra Home or Office Security System

For renovators or businesses, Spectra systems by Paradox are readily expandable meaning you don't need to rewire or reprogram your system if you want to add new sensors or features.

Both systems can be updated by our technicians as new firmware is released. In most cases we can update firmware online, without having to be onsite.

Which Paradox Products Should I Choose?

Not sure how all the systems, software and accessories fit together? As authorized Paradox Alarm Installers, we can assist and assess your needs based on our knowledge and expertise.

Free Consultations

We do not sell alarm system packages, since they rarely meet the unique needs of the customer. We evaluate the home or business and design a system that fits the location, provides the best coverage and meets your budget. Since all our systems are expandable, you can rest assured that you can always add additional accessories.

We provide a no obligation quote including parts and labour and explain the purpose and function of each component so you can make an informed decision, whether we do your installation, or you choose another company or product line.


CCTV Security Camera Systems

Security cameras were once only seen in business or retail locations, but have since become more popular as a deterrent to potential thieves as a part of an integrated home security system.

External home security cameras can provide complete coverage or focus on access points and areas of most concern. New camera systems can provide 4K high resolution full colour images, even at night, but these systems can get to be quite expensive. For most home and office needs 1080p is a standard providing high resolution and B&W images after dark.

Whether you choose an analogue or digital CCTV camera system, we can install a system that gives you the best coverage and meets your budget. We sell and install Dahua and dLux CCTV cameras, DVRs and NVRs providing a wide range of features from mid level systems suitable for most home owners, to high end professional imaging systems, for office or warehouse applications.


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Authorized Installers and Maintenance Services for Paradox Alarm Systems serving Surfside, Playa Flamingo, Flamingo Heights, MarVista, Huacas, Playa Grande, Potrero, Pacific Heights, Playa Prieta, and Las Catalinas.

Canconnect design and install complete security systems for homes, offices and commercial  business.

We design and install wired and wireless alarm systems, cable and IP security camera surveillance, mobile app monitoring and control, security system monitoring services integration, battery replacement services and alarm system programming and system expansions.

We have indoor and outdoor alarm and video products providing the most flexibility for our customers security needs in Guanacaste, Costa Rica