Security cameras provide an added layer of protection for the home or business.

Buying a system that adequately covers the points of entry and egress is essential in protecting your home or business. Newer high resolution cameras cover greater distances, day or night. Even lower resolution cameras can provide coverage provided they are in the right position and positioned to cover their range.

Well placed security cameras provide exterior views of the home without having to unlock doors and go outside, and most can also be monitored on a smart phone while you are out. They provide an added layer of protection and peace of mind for the homeowner, knowing they can monitor their home and property without exposing themselves to potential threats.

Security cameras provide a visible deterrent to potential thieves, since they know they are being watched and likely recorded. Even if the thieves are masked, if the system is connected to a monitor or an external monitoring station and an alarm trips, security cameras allow the homeowner or the security company to provide the police with a description and number of people to look for.

There are a wide range of camera types and recording devices so it is important that you consider which are best suited for you purpose. A DVR will store the recorded camera data on an internal or attached hard drive. A NVR will record the data to a network attached storage or web based drive.

If you are thinking of installing a new security camera system for your home or office, or would like to update an existing system, give Canconnect a call.





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