We produce custom name badges that can be batch printed in advance of the event or printed on demand as the attendees arrive.

In addition to the standard First Name, Last Name, Company, the name badges can include any of the fields collected at the time of the registration, such as Retailer, Distributor, Manufacturer or Manager, Owner, Staff. This helps Vendors to quickly identify and qualify potential leads and also produces a professional look to your event.

Name badges can also include Access information such as Exhibitor, Conference Delegate or Exhibit Floor Only to help with managing access to the various segments of the event.

Badges can also include tickets for specific events or items such as a conference package.

Canconnect Services

  • Name Badges
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Session Scanning
  • Lead Retrieval
  • Online Registration
  • Event Reporting
  • Event Data Management


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