Known for being a well established innovative security research and development company, based in Montreal Canada, Paradox is a recognzed worldwide for creating the best home or office alarm systems available on the market, Paradox provides industry leading security solutions at competitive prices.

Paradox manufactures the MG5050 and MG5075 alarm panel specifically designed for the domestic market. These alarm panels include wireless capability as they contain an built-in receiver. Adding wireless PIR motion detectors, outdoor sensors or door contacts can be done during the initial alarm installation, or later when budget allows or requirements change.

For larger estate homes or business settings we recommend the Spectra Series. Combined with the RTX3 wireless receiver which can be placed in a central location away from the main alarm panel, you have complete coverage with remote wireless motion sensors or door and window contacts to easily complete your home security solution.

Using the Paradox REM2 or REM25 remotes with your alarm system allows for 2 way communication with a built in status LED. A person who has a remote is able to know the status of the alarm before entering or outside when leaving the property.

Paradox is truly designed to be a complete security system. It has been created so a user can easily arm/disarm and control their alarm system via the touch of a button.

Paradox systems come with a LED or LCD keypad that display any open doors or windows. For larger homes or business install keypads at separate entrances or add one to the master bedroom, safe room  or office.

The TM70 touch keypad allows a user much more control than they would typically ever have with a normal keypad. This keypad makes testing sensors and partition control an absolute breeze.

Using partitions allow the resident an option to fully arm one section of the house while being free to move around another area. This allows the user to fully arm the first floor alarm while being free to move around the 2nd level, or arming the garage and patio sensors while being free to move around the living area. The systems also include a STAY mode which allows the resident to arm all doors and exterior sensors while disabling the interior motion sensors, allowing freedom of motion inside while the exterior remains secure.

Here in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, power outages are a unfortunate reality. Our Paradox alarm systems all include a backup battery that keeps the system active even when the power goes off.

Our 122 decibel sirens are hard to ignore. Paradox also offers external wired or wireless sirens with an active strobe, alerting neighbors, security or police as to the exact location whenever the alarm is tripped.

Paradox has a reliable cellular module that allows for SMS or GPRS cell communication with the alarm system. This function means that you are able to remotely control your entire security system via SMS commands. This can be used to connect to any alarm monitoring service.

We recommend the IP150 internet module for most home or office installations. The device connects to your existing internet service allowing remote access and control over the alarm system from anywhere in the world over the internet.

Get notifications when the alarm is triggered, turn the alarm on and off, disarm specific sensors when the pool cleaner or gardener show up. If any sensor is triggered you see which one and where, in seconds.

The possibilities provided by this system are unlimited and can be extended beyond the home or office interior. Paradox has outdoor motion sensors for gates, patios, driveways or outbuildings.

Add perimeter sensor beams to trigger the alarm or send you a notification when someone crosses the infrared beam. Optex has a model covering up to 200 feet (60m) which can be combined to give you complete discrete perimeter coverage.

Are you wanting an App on your smart device to control your security system?

Paradox has two. Insite Gold and the newly released BlueEye app, providing  complete control over your entire home or business security system.

Why is Paradox considered one of the best security alarm systems for Homes and Business?

Paradox alarm systems have the reputation as one of the most reliable, innovative and versatile security brands on the market. The standard features of the MG5050/MG5075 series or the range of capabilities of the Paradox SP6000/SP7000, are what other companies try to achieve.

If you’re looking for a security alarm solution with advanced capabilities, then look no further. Paradox home alarm systems are extremely reliable, easily expandable and competitively priced.

Looking to upgrade your existing home alarm system? Paradox is compatible with your existing wired security alarm peripherals and with the additions of wireless expansion modules you can connect up to 32 wired or wireless devices.

Have peace of mind knowing that Paradox alarm systems are backed by a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty and Canconnect Cusotmer Support ensures your home alarm system not only protects you but is built to last.

Need some help with your alarm system? Contact Us if you’d like to find out more about our Paradox Security Products and how Canconnect Alarm Services can assist with your security requirements.