Home security cameras provide an additional layer of security.

Security cameras placed properly give the owner a live view of the perimeter 24/7 and in the event the alarm is tripped one can check to determine the cause and whether the authorities need to be contacted. 

Hiring a remote monitoring company does the same, but they may provide response units as an addon to their standard service package. They will contact the owner or a designated contact in the event a security issue arises. The owner doesn't need to constantly assess their security status. 

Real-time remote video monitoring was once a necessity for home security. AI technology is now built in to our security camera systems helping to eliminate false alarms and reduce the number of notifications of motion detections, a key reason for opting for hiring a service to monitor the security system.

Lets explore the benefits of real-time video monitoring for your home in Costa Rica and whether it provides greater sense of security.

1. Remote Surveillance:

Remote video monitoring services rely on having professional security operators monitor your security cameras at all times. They also manage other properties which are also on the screens. 

With strategically placed surveillance cameras, the owner and the service can monitor various areas of your home, including entry points, driveways, yards, and vulnerable areas of the property. Security camera surveillance ensures that any suspicious activity or potential threats can be detected and addressed.

2. Immediate Alert Notifications:

One of the key advantages of self monitoring systems is the ability to receive immediate alerts and notifications. Our Dahua video systems have advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) built in. When unusual activity is detected, ie Human or Vehicle, the system can be set to send instant notifications to the homeowner and designated contacts automatically, on their smartphone or other devices. 

The alarm or lights can be activated or speakers with a voice recording can dissuade an intruders. With two way speakers built into some cameras, one has the ability to communicate through the speaker using a smart phone. 

The owner can decide whether authorities need to be notified

3. Remote Access:

Self video monitoring provides homeowners with the convenience of remote access and control. You can access live video feeds from your surveillance cameras through a smartphone app or tablet with a secure internet connection. This means you can check in on your home while you’re away, ensuring everything is in order. Additionally, with new PTZ cameras you can remotely control camera angles, zoom in for a closer look, or even adjust settings as needed. Previously one needed the services of a monitoring company to check the cameras remotely

4. Deterrents:

Visible surveillance cameras act as another deterrent to potential intruders or criminals. Criminals are less likely to break into a home or office knowing the property has active cameras recording their presence. Many cameras now come with lights built in providing full color recordings which can greatly improve the chance of identifying the individual. Installing cameras with 2 Way speakers provides yet another means for the owner to communicate directly with the visitor to determine if the person is making a delivery or in the case of an intruder, notify the person they are being recorded and authorities have been dispatched. Usually enough to deter a break in.

5. Evidence:

Security footage can be a valuable tool in the event of a break in or a incident. Police or Security Services may not arrive in time to thwart an event. Video footage can provide crucial details to law enforcement or insurance companies, aiding in the investigation. High-rsolution video footage can help to identify robbers, establish timelines, and provide key evidence to assist in apprehensions.

6. Benefits:

The most significant benefit of self video monitoring is the direct benefit to homeowners and guests. Knowing that your property can be monitored in real-time and that you can access live video feeds can alleviate security concerns and avoids some concerns over privacy. Not everyone enjoys the thought that someone is watching them from afar.

Knowing you can check the camera recordings to quickly assess whether the alarm sensors were triggered by a false alarm or an intruder breaching the perimeter reduces the need for a police response.

7. Key Considerations

In most cases self monitoring alarm and security camera systems is a reliable means of maintaining security for your home or office environmnet. Advances in AI and pet immune motion sensors provide an opportunity to avoid expensive monthly monitoring fees. 

There are instances where hiring a monitoring service are worthwhile, especially if armed response is desired. Keep in mind how the company gains access to the property. Police have the same issues if they cannot get access to the property. They are not climbing perimeter walls or breaking down gates unless they know a crime is underway.

In our area of Costa Rica most breakins are opportunistic and thieves are in and out in minutes. Armed intrusions are rare but not unheard of. A key factor in choosing a Monitoring and Response unit is response time. If they can be onsite in minutes it can be a worthwhile investment, otherwise you may be better to invest in home or business insurance and in keeping your security system up to date and adding more techological deterrents.

Canconnect can provide assistance in searching or accessing recordings should the need arise. Whether you store the recordings on our XVRs, NVRs, SD cards or cloud accounts. In most cases we can do so remotely depending on bandwidth of your internet connection or method of storage. 

We also keep our clients informed of new products, features and updates as they are announced. 

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