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AJAX Security

A new wireless system with everything you need to help keep your home or office safe and secure.

An Award Winning Alarm System in Europe now available in Costa Rica

Secure Wireless Protection

Ajax is ready to protect against the unforeseen. If something goes wrong, you will know about it.
Backup Battery
When power fails, the system can work up to 16 hours on reserve power
Device Authentication
The unique identifier makes spoofing devices virtually impossible
Frequency Hoping
The hub switches frequencies to avoid jamming and interference
A floating key encryption algorithm protects data from being intercepted or forged
Four Communication Channels
To ensure delivery notifications are sent using different channels—2G, 3G, Wi-Fi and Ethernet
Device Polling
The hub checks the operation status of devices at least once every 12 seconds

Ajax Feature 4

Protect your home with the AJAX app

The Ajax app turns your security system into one easy-to-manage device. Arm Ajax with a few taps. Switch on appliances before you get home. Get instant notifications through SwiftAlerts,
Stay updated with a full event log in the notification tab
Get instant alerts with push notifications, SMS or phone calls
Monitor the performance of detectors and other devices in real time
Receive arming and disarming reminders
Receive arming and disarming reminders
Manage device configurations from anywhere in the world

Complete Home Protection

Ajax combines components throughout the home to provide you with security inside and out.

Modern Design

Components with a modern look available in stylish black or white.

Get Connected

Request a site inspection and let us design a solution that works for your home or business.

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