One of the advantages of the newer alarm systems is that they allow the homeowner to be able to monitor the alarm system and receive alerts on their smart phone.

Paradox Alarm Systems feature a proprietary software app that allow the user to monitor the alarm system, turn the system on and off, and bypass alarm areas all through a secure online app developed specifically for their alarm system.

The user can see at a glance all the devices in their system. If someone needs access to an area and you are not at home you can easily disable specific devices such as an external motion device, and then reactivate when access is no longer needed. Handy if you want to let the pool maintenance company or gardener do some work and then reactivate the external sensors when they are done. Want to let the dog out at night, you deactivate the door and exterior motions. while the rest of the home alarm system remains active, until you turn off the whole system.