Motion detectors or motion sensors are one of the most important components in any home security system.

Motion sensors are designed to cover a space within a line of sight within the sensors range. This is important as not all Paradox motion sensors are the same, but instead are designed for a specific zone of coverage.

Some, if placed in the corner of a room can cover the entire area, sensing motion when someone enters the room.

Others are designed to cover a flat area such a wall with multiple windows or entryways. If someone enters the room through the door or window, it interrupts the sensor and trips the alarm. This type of motion detector is especially useful when the occupants are at home but would like to be alerted if someone enters the building. 

Canconnect offers wireless motion sensors and wired motion sensors. Both provide similar coverage areas and features. With a wireless motion detector, you have no visible cable running to the sensor, and are best suited for for installations where there is limited access to walls and attic spaces.

Wired systems have the advantage of not requiring batteries to be changed every few years.

If you are in the process of building your home or renovating a office space or building, you should contact us for an evaluation. It is often easier to run cables and wiring for alarms and cameras during the construction, then add the alarm components and cameras upon completion, saving time and money.

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